I am: a Christian

Coincidental I post this on a Sunday. So, do you go to church every Sunday? Well, even I do not go there every Sunday; but you can find me there quite often. But I just don’t go to church to have something to do on the 7th day of the week. The main reason is:

I do believe in the almighty God, creator of all things and the salvation through the act of love to sacrifice his son, Jesus Christ. The greatest day in history for me is celebrated every Easter and I love the idea how everybody can choose to be saved with just one simple commitment.

In Bavaria, if you tell someone you’re a Christian you are normally associated with the traditional churches and all their rulesets, ceremonies, etc. But I most say, they are not my preferred type of church. I chose a “Freie evangelische Gemeinde” as my home church and I love meeting the people there every Sunday and leading youth group every other Friday.

If you are not a Christian you might have build up some misconceptions about “people like me”:
For example, you might think I do not trust science. Well, I do think, for example, as many others do too, that the theory of the big bang and evaluation and God as creator can coexist with both giving a more complete picture.
Or you might have that picture of Christians that do not accept anyone not living by “their rules”, being homophobic, etc. Well, I’m very sorry you find those jerks out there; but they have missed the most important rule Jesus gave us: To love the others no matter what; just as he does.

To be honest, I do not get along with everybody perfectly, I hit bumps on the road, I am not perfect and I am not unbreakable. Anyone on this earth telling you he is that, is a liar! But I know who to turn to, if I’m in trouble, who to talk to, who to give all my anger and all my worries, who helps me sort out my life and is a good companion along the way. And I would love to introduce you to that guy, whenever you want to decide to meet this marvelous friend, who can’t wait to meet you.

My life with God gives me joy every day and my greatest wish is that so many more will have this joy, too.