Programming Nightmares

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Sometimes programming a small little application can turn into never-ending story. Easy requirements turn out to be nightmares. A video on how difficult it is to calculate with time, and why you should use libraries for that …

What will you be doing instead?

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We developers have a great job: We get to write those pieces of code, that make everything so easy and cool. Things you don’t want to do, or that took you weeks, can now be done with the the click of a button. But how often do we think about what you gonna be doing instead?

A nun singing

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A nun singing a modern song so good, who would have expected?
On the other side, why didn’t we? We often have exportations before we get to know someone; and that should change!
Also, our image of Church is coming up here: We would not expect this, we often think it is lame. Well, is it?