Sleepless Nights

Do you know this situation, when something is bothering your mind so much, it won’t let you sleep? Well, last night was one of these for me. Although it would seam the most rational thing to sleep on it and decide on what you gonna do with it, that never works for me. So I end up laying on bed, turning over, letting my emotions go, having talks with God etc. – which makes me even more awake but also kinda tired. So to get my sleep I sort out what bothers me and define actions how I am going to handle this. And when I find my peace with that, I can finally catch some sleep.
And today I realized, that I sometimes really need this. It is like a stop sign right there, that won’t let me carry on with all these other things before I deal with the topic that currently is bothering me and urgently needs to be addressed. It doesn’t really help for everything else on the next day, when I wake up after too little sleep, but it sets a new priority in my everyday life for something that I would not have focused on.
So at the end, I must say I am very thankful for the sleepless nights. And I hope they will reoccur whenever necessary, until I get a feeling myself to address stuff like this at the right time.